Cooper is the most handsome yellow lab; lab lovers will love this guy!


Baxter is a mellow guy.  He is about 7 year old, about 65 lbs.  He loves leashed walks, is great off lead, gets along with every dog he has met so far.  He is housetrained and is very easy going.


Scrappy  is a sweetheart.  He is a kind soul who found himself in a shelter after his owner passed away.  He is not a barker and loves attention. 


Joey has an awesome temperament.  We call him the happy dog as he is always happy and looks like he is smiling.


Rocky is calm and laid back.  He seems to take everything in and seems like he is always thinking. 


Champ is a definite couch potato. He is about 6-8 yrs old and is so very friendly with everyone he meets.

Beth and Barney

Beth and Barney were found roaming the streets together and are just the best of buddies. They look like litter mates who are definitely bonded to one another. They are about 2-3 years old and have the best attitudes!


Chico one of our favorites, with such a huge personality in that little body. Chico is easy going, loves to go on walks but is perfectly happy rolling around in the grass as well. He has charmed us but he definitely needs his own family he can make happy!


Herman is a friendly, TALL, guy who gets along with other dogs!


Roman is an outstanding dog. He is friendly, loves attention, and gets along with other (neutered) dogs.